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Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses seem to be getting more and more popular at online casinos. Many new casinos have opted to have their bonus offering to be cashback only instead of a traditional match welcome bonus. Why is that the case? Well the thing is that many players prefer playing at a cashback casino, since online casino cashback is more profitable in the long run. And it seems to be the trend amongst high rollers and recreational gamblers alike – bonus cashback is here to stay!

Here you will find a list of cashback casinos that offer only cashback bonuses to their players! We only recommend licensed and trustworthy casinos and it’s no exception when it comes to cashback bonuses. As we come across more trustworthy cashback casinos, we will update this page, so you can always come back and find the right casino for you! As well as keep an eye on our casino news to never miss an exciting offer. Our team of expert gamblers put a lot of effort in researching the casinos to make sure that we present you with only the best and same goes for online casino cashback!

Casino Cashback Bonuses – Updated for May 2024

4.3 rating
10% Weekly Cashback
4.0 rating
11% Cashback Bonus
4.3 rating
11% Weekly Cashback

What is Online Casino Cashback?

Cashback bonuses are a great way to get some cash back from an unlucky streak at an online casino. If you place a bet and don’t manage to get lucky with it, then the casino will compensate you with bonus cashback. It’s a nice way to treat casino players, as well as build loyalty, giving something extra for continued gameplay. As we mentioned already, casino cashback bonus is a great option for both new players, as well as experienced online gamblers. There are casinos that offer cashback as part of their regular bonus offering. Or cashback might also be in the form of exclusive casino bonuses. But we will be focusing on Cashback only casinos, as they have been gaining more and more popularity and we don’t see this trend disappearing anywhere!

When it comes to online gambling, losses are unavoidable. If everyone was winning all the time, online casinos wouldn’t be able to keep their doors open if they are losing money. Players must realize that there’s a possibility of losing and if you are not ready to accept that, then perhaps online gambling isn’t for you. However, some online casinos offer cashback bonuses and give some of those losses back to their players. It may seem strange that a casino is giving back money via online casino Cashback. However, this is a great way for them to treat players for their loyalty and will ensure that you return to the casino.

Cashback bonuses are rewarded accordingly with the amount of wagers a player places at a casino. The casino will refund a percentage of the losses back as a goodwill gesture. The bonus cashback amount can differ from one casino to another. On average it varies between 5% to 10% of the bets lost at the casino over a specific time period.

How are Casino Cashback Bonuses Calculated?

Generally there are two ways that the bonus cashback can be calculated:

  • The most favourable type of casino cashback to players is getting a percentage of the total loss back. Let’s say you lost €100 at a cashback casino and they offer a 10% Cashback Bonus. In this case you would receive €10 from your losses back to your account in bonus cashback.
  • Other casinos might have limits on how much they will refund in cashback bonuses. If an offer is 10% Cashback up to €100, then the maximum amount you can receive in casino cashback is €100. Even if 10% of your losses are more than €100, the casino has imposed a limit on how much they are willing to refund back to you.

This info can easily be found in the casino bonus terms and conditions. And you should always pay attention to the terms before claiming a bonus.

Do I get my Real Money Back with Online Casino Cashback?

As we just said, always make sure to read the bonus terms and conditions to make sure you know what you’re signing up for! As different real money casinos will have different clauses and ways of calculating and crediting cashback to your account.

Here are the two of the most common ways of crediting cashback bonuses:

  • The first and the most preferred way of crediting cashback bonuses is in the form of real money. Meaning that the cashback casino gives back a percentage of your losses straight to your casino account with no wagering requirements as real cash! You can then either play with the bonus cashback or withdraw it from your casino account – it’s up to you!
  • Alternatively, other casinos may give the cashback in the form of a bonus, with a wagering requirement attached to it. So in this case, you won’t be able to withdraw it right away, as it’s bonus money and needs to be converted to real cash. You can use the casino cashback bonus at the casino by continuing to play. Once you have met the wagering requirement you can then choose to withdraw the funds if you wish.

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are one of the easiest to claim at online casinos. You can do that simply by placing real money bets at a cashback casino. And while no one is hoping for losses, casino cashback bonus is here to make losing money suck less. Different casinos will have their cashback bonuses set up in different ways. Sometimes in the form of a casino loyalty program and won’t require you to sign up for it as you would be enrolled to the cashback program automatically.

In other cases, you might need to contact the casino customer support to enrol in the cashback program. We always pay attention to the customer support quality and availability in our online casino reviews, as it’s a massive part of the gambling experience.

It’s important to note that cashback bonuses don’t give you anything for just signing up. You have to actually play at the casino in order to get bonus cashback. Cashback casinos, like the ones that you can find on this page usually wouldn’t need you to do anything extra to earn the cashback bonus, apart from playing at the casino. You will then get a percentage of your losses back, which is usually done on a weekly basis. Some cashback casinos will let you earn cashback by playing site-wide, while others might restrict playing live dealer games.

Benefits of Online Casino Cashback Bonuses

Whether or not you play with a casino bonus is completely up to you! And while some players enjoy the typical casino welcome packages consisting of a match bonus and free spins, there are players who don’t like to be tied down to wagering requirements. And online casino cashback is perfect for players who don’t like the regular bonuses.

Another reason why players like playing at cashback casinos is that it’s softens the blow in case of a losing streak. And who wouldn’t want to get some of the lost money back after a bad session? Cashback casinos will give some of the lost money back to your account, so you can keep playing without the need to make another deposit.

Here’s some of our reasons of why we like cashback bonuses:

  • Returns – even if you lose, you get some of your losses back to your account! With a casino cashback bonus, even a bad streak is not as bad as you think, as you will get a portion of your losses back!
  • Loyalty – It’s a great way for online casinos to show some loyalty to their regular players. You play as you would normally at any casino, but at cashback casinos you have an extra incentive to come back and get something extra!
  • No wagering – Many players don’t like the conventional bonus packages due to the wagering requirements attached to them. And while not all cashback bonuses are wager free, most cashback casinos will credit the cashback to your account as real money!
  • Simplicity – Cashback bonuses are the most uncomplicated bonuses out there! You get a portion of your losses back and that’s it! No complicated terms or hidden clauses. And while that might not be the case at every casino, it definitely is so at trusted online casinos.

Our Top Pick

4.3 rating
10% Weekly Cashback

Casino Cashback Bonuses FAQs

Are cashback bonuses legal?

Yes, playing with cashback bonuses is completely legal! In certain jurisdictions it may depend on the local regulation. However, in most countries, playing with casino cashback bonus is safe and legal, as long as you are playing at a licensed and legal casino.

How can I claim a casino cashback bonus?

Many online casinos will offer bonus cashback if you have opted in for the specific promotion. But at most cashback only casinos, you will be enrolled to receive bonus cashback automatically. So all you really need to do is sign up, deposit and play in order to participate in the cashback bonus program.

What is the difference between a regular welcome bonus and cashback?

Regular welcome bonus offers are set up to incentivize players to sign up to a casino site. And usually they don’t cover more than the first couple of deposits. Cashback bonuses however, are continuous and you will be able to benefit from casino cashback the more you play! It’s a great way to reward loyal players for coming back.

Do cashback bonuses have wagering requirements?

In most cases, trusted cashback casinos will offer the cashback bonus wager-free! This of course can differ from one casino to another. Some casinos will have certain wagering requirements attached to the cashback bonus. This information will always be clearly displayed in the bonus terms and conditions at the casino.

Are cashback bonuses available at mobile casinos?

Yes, nowadays mobile casino offering is sometimes even more advanced than on desktop! So it’s safe to say that cashback bonuses will be available at mobile casinos as well.

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