While technically Solid Casinos is here to tell you all about the best possible online gambling experience, let’s not forget where it all began. We’re taking a look at the land based casino world to find out which are the best cities in Europe for gambling. There are many reasons why people like to visit land based casinos. And despite the meteoric rise of online casinos, many people prefer to visit land based casinos for the authentic experience and atmosphere. Nowadays when gambling is a casual form of entertainment, it can be very exciting to switch it up and make a night out of it!

Whether it’s to have a fun night with friends or if it’s a destination trip, these European gambling cities won’t disappoint! As there are many places across the continent worth a visit if you are planning a trip to the casino. While some might be more well known than others, we’ll take a look at the best cities for gambling in Europe.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo might be one of the obvious ones as it’s famous across Europe and the world as a popular gambling destination. While Monaco might be the second smallest country in the world, they sure know their casinos! Monte Carlo is famously known as the gambling capital of Europe and a go-to destination for casino lovers. There are several casinos in Monte Carlo, with the most popular being Casino de Monte-Carlo. The casino describes itself as “The Luxury of Gaming” and for a good reason! If you want to feel like you’re in a James Bond movie, then this is the place to go! The tiny country of Monaco surely deserves the throne of the most luxurious casino city in Europe.

And we didn’t mention James Bond just because, Casino de Monte-Carlo has been an actual filming location for James Bond movies! Never Say Never and GoldenEye were filmed there. Can it get more iconic than this?

Monte Carlo Gambling Cities Europe Monaco


While Malta is technically not a city, but a whole country, this tiny nation sure knows their casinos! Malta not only has a widely recognized online gaming sector, thanks to the Malta Gaming Authority. But also has several luxurious land based casinos that are giving other gambling cities in Europe a run for their money! And that’s really no surprise since most of the gaming sector is based in Malta, such as Evolution Gaming and Betsson Casino.

Since the country is a popular cruise ship destination, many tourists visit the casinos. Some of the most popular land based casinos being Casino Malta and Dragonara Casino. But there are several more to choose from! When deciding which gambling cities in Europe to visit, keep Malta in mind! (even tough it’s a country)

Malta Casino Resort

London, United Kingdom

London might be the financial capital of Europe, but it’s also quite of a recognized gambling city! There are many casinos to choose from, with one of the most popular being The Hippodrome Casino. The casino has 3 whole floors of Roulette tables, Blackjack tables and slots. Not to mention a rooftop terrace that’s a popular dinner location. In true Las Vegas style, The Hippodrome casino also offers live shows and entertainment, such as Magic Mike Live. The casino has an impressive history dating back to 1900. It’s a must visit for casino fans going to London!

There’s plenty more to choose from as London is definitely one of the best gambling cities in Europe. If you’re planning your next trip and visit to the casino, then why not London?

Gambling Cities in Europe

Paris, France

If you think of gambling cities in Europe, Paris might not pop in your mind first. However, the French city has a vibrant casino scene and many gamblers choose Paris for a casino trip. There are several land based casinos in Paris with one of the most popular being Paris Club Elysees. The casino offers table games, slot machines, as well as a restaurant and regular events. It’s definitely the kind of casino that you dress up for, so no jeans and t-shirts please!

The French capital is also know in certain circles for running exclusive events for high rollers. There are elegant and exclusive poker events taking place in Paris. It’s definitely one of the best gambling cities in Europe for high rollers!

Gambling Cities Europe Paris France

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known across the world as a very liberal city, with no taboos or stigmas. And it’s no different when it comes to casinos! As the Dutch city is one of the best cities for gambling in Europe. In total there are 14 casinos to choose from in Amsterdam, so you’ll definitely have options! The most popular casino in Amsterdam is Holland Casino Amsterdam West. The casino has a wide selection of table games, including Roulette and Punto Banco. Not to mention the variety of slot machines and also Live Bingo.

Other casinos worth a visit in Amsterdam are Casino City- Ceintuurbaan, Lucky Jack – Utrechtsestraat and many more. All casinos work 24/7, so Amsterdam might be the one of the best cities for a gambling trip in Europe!

Holland Casino Amsterdam

Other Gambling Cities in Europe

Of course these are not the only options and there are definitely some honourable mentions we’d like to point out! Such as Prague, Czech Republic, which has been gaining popularity as a city for gambling lovers! As well as Lisbon, Portugal might be an option for you! The Portuguese capital has some great land based casinos, such as Casino Lisboa.

While it may not be on the same level as Las Vegas or Macau, Europe definitely has something to offer for casino lovers! Which of these European cities will be your next gambling destination?

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